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Angie believes every human life is valuable, because every human life is created in God’s image. (Genesis 1:27). She will work to promote and defend the right to life, of all innocent human beings, from the time of conception until natural death.


For many years, Angie has been both a “NRA Life Member” and CCW license holder. You can trust her to defend your 2nd Amendment rights, to keep and bear arms, and oppose any effort to take away those rights.


Ohio workers should not have to choose between their job or receiving a vaccination that may conflict with their personal or religious beliefs or medical reasons. Health decisions should be made by Ohioans, in consultation with their doctor, and not because of medical mandates in the workplace or to participate in public commerce. Angie supports vaccine choice, healthcare privacy, and protection from discrimination based on vaccination status.


Angie is a small business owner who has been involved in buying, selling, and managing real estate for 25 years. She understands the long hours, hard work, and risks it takes to grow a business.

We need to retain Ohioans and incentivize our young adults to live, learn, work, and prosper, locally, instead of leaving the area after graduation. The government doesn’t create jobs, but it can encourage economic prosperity by lowering taxes and limiting excessive regulations. By working to create a business friendly environment we can promote economic growth and higher wages.

I am proud to endorse Angie King for State Representative for Ohio's 84th district. - Congressman Warren Davidson